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Digital Transformation, Projects & People

Your Guide to Success in the digital age: Discover the synergy of projects, people and change!

Do you want to make digital transformation a success in your organization? Digital transformation is more than just software engineering and it doesn't stop at technical mastery. We recognize that the success of digital transformation projects hinges not only on the technology but also on people and the effective leading of the transformation. As such, a significant part of this course is dedicated to exploring the human and organizational aspects of digital transformation. Participants will learn to navigate the challenges posed by digital projects, including reactions from employees and other stakeholder. By the end of this module, you will be adept at analyzing, visualizing, and discussing the consequences of digital transformation, as well as capable of overcoming transformation challenges. This holistic approach ensures that you are equipped to lead successful digital transformation initiatives, balancing both the technological and human factors.


Target Groups

This course is suitable for all who want to make the digital transformation in business and society a success and who want to shape the digital transformation of today and tomorrow. No prior knowledge needed!


Key Topics

  • Making digital transformation a success

  • Leading digital transformation

  • Digital transformation and their impact on organizations and people

  • Digital transformation and the changing nature of work

  • Digital transformation dynamics in organizations

  • Digital transformation acceptance by people


Key Benefits

  • Understand models, methods, and concepts of digital transformation & projects

  • Evaluate digital transformation initiative and their impact on organizations and people

  • Design, develop and evaluate digital transformation processes and dynamics

  • Making digital transformation a success  

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Teaching Methods

  • Interactive lectures

  • Case studies

  • Own project analysis



Basics of Digital Transformation, Projects & People

  • What is “digital transformation”?

  • Digital Transformation in Organizations: Business Models, Products/Services, Processes&Tasks

  • Digital Transformation Projects vs. IT Projects


Digital Transformation of Work Systems

  • What is changing during a digital transformation?

  • Introduction to Work System Theory

  • Work System Transformation

  • Identifying changes in work systems


Digital Transformation Processes and Dynamics

  • How to transform?

  • Introduction to change management theory

  • Dual operating system of change in organizations

  • Redesigning and rethinking organizations

  • Key success factors of transformation


Digital Transformation & People

  • How to people react?

  • Introduction to basic theories about human behavior

  • Technology acceptance models and theories

  • User resistance to digital transformation


Digital Transformation Interventions

  • How to support digital transformation?

  • Introduction to change management interventions and leading digital transformation

  • Social networks and support structures



Prof. Dr. Sven Laumer

Schöller Endowed Chair for Information Systems




Evening timetable: 6 days

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FAU certificate of participation

Tuition fee:

1.390 €

If you have any questions concerning the application process, please do not hesitate to contact our admissions office.


Anna-Lisa Schaal

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